1. Where are the projects of ACM located?

    ACM has projects in Imus, Tanza, General Trias in Cavite, Lipa, Batangas, and Haro, Iloilo.

  2. What types of houses are available at ACM?

    ACM offers house and lot packages from single attached or detached units to town homes in exclusive gated communities in Cavite, Batangas and Iloilo.

  3. What are the financing options available?

    ACM Homes is accredited by the following financing institutions:

    a. BDO
    b. Landbank
    c. Maybank
    d. PNB
    e. Pag-IBIG

    ACM also has affordable in-house financing schemes as well as discounts for cash buyers.

  4. How much is the reservation fee? Does this go toward the down payment?

    The reservation fee ranges from five thousand pesos (PHP 5,000.00) to thirty thousand pesos (PHP 30,000.00) depending on the total contract price.

    Yes. The reservation fee will be deducted from the down payment.

  5. What are the documents required to purchase property?

    The documents needed to purchase a property are as follows:

    Click here to download this check list

  6. Can a foreigner or a Filipino with foreign citizenship own property?

    Under the Philippine law, a foreigner cannot own a property, not unless he or she is married to a Filipina / Filipino in which case they can acquire a property with the accomplishment of the required Affidavit of Waiver.

    If you are a Filipino with foreign citizenship, all you need to do is to accomplish the required Affidavit of Former Filipino Citizenship to be able to own property in the Philippines.

  7. Where do I make mortgage payments if availing of ACM's in-house financing?

    Mortgage payments can be made at the ACM office in Makati and on-site offices, look for the authorized cashier.

  8. After purchasing a house, how long will construction take?

    When the necessary documents have been accomplished and processed and when the buyer has paid at least 50% of down payment, construction starts and will take about 3 to 4 months depending on the units purchased.

  9. Are houses ready for occupancy? What is the move-in condition?

    Houses will be ready for occupancy three to four months upon completion of all requirements and upon take-out if it is a Pag-IBIG account. If it is an in-house account, the buyer should have paid the full 30% equity and issued post dated checks for the whole term of the loan before moving in. The housing units are generally complete and ready to be occupied on turnover.

  10. What are the documents needed for the turnover of my new home?

    Before the unit is turned over to the buyer, he needs to do the following:

    a. Attend the move-in seminar within 7 days after the take-out of the account.
    b. Inspect the unit after 7 days but not later than 14 days from the day he attended the move-in seminar.
    c. Sign the House Acceptance not later than 7 days upon receiving the move-in clearance.

  11. What is the procedure for obtaining utilities (electricity, water, etc.)?

    Application form for water connection is to be submitted to the Water Management Group inside the subdivision. For electricity and other utilities, please go to the respective office of the service provider to apply for connection.

  12. When will I get the title to the property?

    Title to the property is turned over to the buyer as soon as he or she has fully paid for the total purchase price. In the case of end-buyer financing, title is transferred once the buyer has fully paid his or her loan.

  13. What are the restrictions on alterations / extensions / add-ons / or customization?

    A deed of restriction is given to the buyer before moving-in where all the restrictions on alterations and extensions are stated. All plans and applications for alterations and extensions to the house should go through ACM for approval.

  14. Is there association dues paid? Is there 24 hour security in the subdivision? Who pays for security service?

    Once a homeowner's association is in place, and the subdivision is turned over to them, dues as approved by the association will be required for the maintenance of the facilities, garbage collection and security services.ACM maintains a Site Management Group responsible for supporting and assisting the homeowners' associations in carrying out their functions.

  15. What are the lifestyle features in your subdivisions?

    Lifestyle features in our communities vary from a multi-purpose hall, basketball court with grass-covered amphitheater steps, swimming pool, fully landscaped parks, greenhouse, bamboo forest-inspired playground, and outdoor gym.

  16. How do I use the facilities of the development?

    All the legal homeowners of the development have the right to use the facilities depending on the policies of the homeowner's association if any.

  17. If I have any queries about the property I bought, who do I contact?

    If you have any queries about the housing unit you bought, please call our customer relationship department at (02) 840-3020.

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