The Founders
Return on Life

What does it mean to live? To really live?

The answer to that question was the bedrock on which the women founded ACM Landholdings Inc. Carol and Tonette, ACM’s Managing Directors believed that for a vast majority of Filipinos, making a living has become synonymous to making a life. A less than ideal national view they felt, they had a responsibility to shift, which they did so by creating a tangible experience that presents life as a virtuous, rather than a vicious cycle.

At the core of their efforts is a deep empathy for the honest and hardworking men and women, whose varied talents brought them to employment opportunities away from their families. Diversely skilled as they may be, they seem to be similarly driven by one humble ambition- to secure their family’s physical, mental, emotional state of well-being.

Every ACM home and village aims to nurture such holistic human growth. Before any building plan is committed to paper, a deliberate resolution is made to ensure the tangible and non-tangible project assets resonate with their homeowners’ body, mind, heart and spirit.

The Founders

Carol Osteria   Antonette de Guzman
The Women’s Touch

A feeling for family is not exclusive to those who have made their own. ACM Homes’ founders, Antonette de Guzman, Carol Osteria and Mia Gentugaya need only look at their ideas of home to create communities beyond the “box,” designed to support a full family life. Their respective expertise in finance and law provided a sound business base for ACM Homes even as the women’s touch gave the communities a distinctive heart and soul.
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