Vision, Mission
& Passion Statement

We build enduring value and values.    

  1. to build for our customers quality and environmentally sustainable communities that will not only satisfy but will ultimately exceed customer expectations

  2. to remain for our customers as a strong and professionally managed company that continually instills in its people the spirit of entrepreneurship and ownership which will transform them into stakeholders of the company           

  3. to achieve quality and sustainable earnings, enabling the company to meet and enhance expectations of its customers and all its other stakeholders


We believe that to do well, we must first do good.

Do good for our customers by creating liveable and responsive communities that will enrich and uplift their lives and secure their families' future.

Do good for our environment by becoming active stewards of sustainable and earth-friendly communities.

Do good for our employees and business partners by instilling a strong sense of integrity, ownership and passion in everything that we do.

Do good for our stakeholders by assuring profitable returns based on a strong spirit of entrepreneurship, professionalism and social consciousness.

We will think, say and do good because we are in business not just to seek a return on investment, but also a return on life.            


From putting the customers first, we are a strong and professionally managed company.

We are committed to satisfy our customers’ requirements and expectations.           

We act with integrity.             

We care for the community.             

We act with passion like owners.             

We strive for excellence in all the things we do.             

At ACM, we enrich lives by building homes, strengthening communities, and securing the future of families.            

For us, business is not just seeking a return on investment but also a return on life.
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