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Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc. (PTC), is one of the country's largest and oldest crew management companies. PTC partnered with ACM Homes to carry out its intent to provide homes and secure communities for their crew and their families.  In acknowledging the crew as the heart and soul of the company, a key component in” moving the world”, PTC also acknowledges the importance of the families the crew looks to for support and connection.  

Guided by the vision of PTC founder Carlos Salinas, PTC has emerged beyond crew management, integrating a value chain of diversified maritime services to include Marine Management; Education and Professional Development; Energy and Logistics; Healthcare; Offshore Processing; Property Development; Microfinance; Family Care Programs; International Professional Placement; Information and Communication Technologies.  

Since its beginnings in 1979, and a momentous first both in PTC and in Philippine Maritime History  with the international deployment of a full- Filipino complement on three 50,000 DWT Ore Bulk Oil Carriers in 1984, PTC’s commitment to continuously improve and enhance quality of life remains at the forefront of the way they do business.

The PTC Group embraces corporate social responsibility by supporting community initiatives focused on health, basic education, marine environmental awareness and conservation, sports development and livelihood.  These community initiatives are alive in ACM Homes communities Pacific Terraces Community (PTC) South, PTC North and Mahogany Place Lipa, fulfilling not just every seafarer’s dream of having a home, but ensuring quality of life, one crew family at a time.

Homes for Global Maritime Professionals and Contract Workers – Together We Make A Village

Today’s family often has one or both parents going out of the country to seek their fortune and come back to share it with them. The financial gains of being world-class professionals is such that more Filipinos would pay the ultimate sacrifice – absence from family, loved ones and being out of their comfort zone in the name of prosperity. A home symbolizes their sacrifice and strength as provider, now more than just shelter or an investment but ultimately their anchor, leading them back and keeping them grounded.

ACM Homes acknowledge these modern day heroes’ hard work by providing homes that keep their families secure and communities that support their need to belong. ACM Homes is a symbolic surrogate for the absent head of the family, with its community design and activities that foster neighborliness. Leaving the family to work abroad is less of a guilt trip and a source of worry, freeing them to pursue their dreams for a brighter future for themselves and for family.
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