Village & Home Design
Go with Your Flow

Each of us has a place in the world and home is where we start out.  Home should have all the comforts and provide ample room to grow.  ACM Homes adapts Environmental Behavior Research (ERB) in its design, making spaces for living comfortably so that the natural flow of community and family life positively impact the way residents feel for and care for their homes, the community and the world outside it.

ACM Homes avoids cul de sac or dead end roads, also building wider than standard roads for emergency vehicles.

Long rows of houses are avoided to eliminate a feel of confinement.  Shorter rows do away with dark corners and alleyways.  Breaks to long rows of houses are also visually more pleasing and encourage neighborliness.

Communities are kept small for easy management and a sense of intimacy.

ACM Homes houses are fitted with wider windows for spaciousness and light; wide staircases and senorita steps for easy walk up and bringing up of furniture; provision for cable rough-in even in low cost units; bigger bathrooms; downstairs guest rooms; high ceilings; spaces for gardens; or terraces for extra rooms for play or entertaining.

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